Friday, 18 January 2013

Oh to be in England now the snow is here…

When I was a child, I was never sent home from school because it snowed. The busses all seemed to run and trains were only delayed if they went to Scotland. Why so much chaos now?
That is not strictly true, in my last year at school we did get sent home because very few of the teachers had been able to get in, but that was because eighteen inches (about 46cm) of snow fell in one night, which is a lot for England. That is the only time I was turned away from school. I did actually get there, so even with eighteen inches of snow I was only a bit hampered by the weather. When I grew up and became a TV engineer I went to work all weathers driving around to fix people’s TVs all over Essex and parts of London. I did have a few bumps, but I soon learned how to prevent that and could pull out of a skid and avoid getting stuck in every kind of weather like the best of them. We had some bad weather too. I was working in 1962/3, a really bad winter, one of the worst on record. Twenty years later, having moved west, in 1982, another exceptional winter, I still went to work every day even though the West was buried in deep snow, so why is it such a problem now? The Better Half and I were going to Manchester this weekend to watch the Granddaughter perform in a school choir. We had booked the hotel bought the train tickets and were packed and ready to go when this happened. . .
Just in case you have'nt noticed, it snowed - but not much

It is not so deep here, about four inches, but busses stopped running the town became gridlocked and trains were re-scheduled. We could not get to the station and so had to cancel the hotel and mourn the loss of our non refundable cheap train tickets. So here we are out of pocket and unable to go with the Granddaughter the other end of the country with a gridlocked and useless transport system , so it will be a while before we will see her. The only highlight was that I was able to wander around this afternoon and capture some of the snowy scenery, amongst all the dog walkers and parents with children on toboggans.

A frozen pond in the bushes

We won't be getting too much light from this solar powered garden light tonight.

Even the back door handle got a minature snowdrift on it
The snow kept falling all dayand all the kids off school had a wonderful day.  Snowmen will soon be popping out of the ground and then it will all go away and we will be back to normal.  But another month, another year and it will all happen again. Maybe one day we will learn how to keep things running when it snows, but I am not holding my breath.


  1. Great photos, Pete! Sorry the snow messed up your plans :(. It takes a LOT of snow to shut things down here, much to school kids dismay. They are always looking for a 'snow day' so they can miss school. But we are experiencing bitterly cold weather right now....minus 20 celsius overnight....brrrr...

  2. My Canadian relatives can never understand why Britain grinds to a halt either! Beautiful pictures as always.

  3. The teachers and other workers now live much further away from their places of work, so it's more difficult for them to get in. Prob applies to bus drivers too.