Friday, 13 January 2017

Good by 2016 and Good Riddance

Well that is Christmas over and we have finally gotten rid of the Christmas tree.

Now well into the New Year, I have finally gotten around to my New Years blog.  What a year 2016 has been, with its ups and downs.
 Early in the year things went well for me and my eyesight has never been so good after my cataracts operation. But then The Son In Law broke his hip and then things went from bad to worse. The media was repeatedly reporting the deaths of so many well-known people who had long been a part of my life and the sad loss of my oldest cousin Pat, have made 2016 the year of loss.

Added to all that is the Brexit fiasco, with our esteemed leaders demonstrating their complete and utter inability to organise a piss up at a brewery, let alone an ordered and well informed referendum.

 Then Donald Trump got nominated as President Elect in the USA, making Brexit look like a better deal in comparison than we first thought.

 Meanwhile some of the worst humanitarian conditions since WWII have been spiralling out of control all around the third world and in particular as a few selfish people whip up bloody murder in the Middle East.

So 2016, was not such a great year, let us hope that 2017 will show some changes for the better.