Sunday, 9 May 2010

Election fever

Recently, it seems that there has been some sort of election campaign here in the UK and TV has been wall-to-wall politics for weeks. I think it is very decent of the rest of the world to stop creating newsworthy items during these times so that the British TV and the radio are able to talk about nothing but the election each news broadcast. Unfortunately because of the narrowness of the result, despite more people voting for the Conservatives, it seems we have a Hung Parliament and this endless political bunny has not ended with the event, so the pundits are still able go on and on and on.

My favourite quote from the whole boring thing is ' If it is a hung parliament, the question is; how do we decide who to hang first?'

I did my civic duty and voted but not with ay conviction that things will get better or that I have voted for a particularly good party, since they are all pretty poor candidates and it was Hobson's choice.
What I find hard to understand is why they have all fought so hard to become the government. Surely they must realise that whoever gets in must become really really unpopular in a few short months and will be blamed for everything from teenage pregnancies to the price of bread.


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  2. Love those last few sentences...ain't it the truth? Look what they are now saying about the U.S. 'saviour of the world' -- Obama fell from grace so quickly. But he's obviously not going to give up without a strong fight.

  3. By the way, it says that my post was posted at 18:40, but it is 21:40 here.

  4. I'm with you about politics. I say let's hang 'em all! We have some small elections coming up in a few weeks. Local ones. Since California is bankrupt and so is San Diego, things certainly aren't going to change much whoever gets in. We're still rumbling with relatively small earthquakes. Maybe they need a good one in Sacramento to shake them all up.