Thursday, 23 September 2010

Creative Blogger Award? Me?

Chris has saddled me with this but I have a real problem because I cannot fulfil all the requirements to accept this honour.
OK - I can add a link to your page Chris.
OK - there are many crazy things about my life, so I could reveale some of these.
It is supposed to be only Five? Well here are Five things…
No 1 - I talk politely to traffic lights to get them to change-and it works!
No 2 - I was hit by a bullet a few days after WWII ended.
No 3 - I do not talk to my computer, I swear at it- and that doesn’t work.
No 4 - I have sailed five of the seven seas.
No 5 - I had a 20 foot cabin cruiser roll over me and I was only slightly hurt.
No 4 - When I was young I met a man called Julius Caesar who came to Britain from Italy.
No 3 - I have more books than I will ever be able to read before I die.
No 2 - I can’t count
No 1 - I don’t know five more bloggers.

Only one of these is not true.

I'm new at this and have not built up a big circle of bloggers so I have to leave it there I am afraid. So I must be disqualified and cannot accept the award.
But before I go I must thank Chris for the nomination, thank the producer of this site who made it all possible, thank all the technical support team at Google who keep the site running and thank all those (two) readers who find my blog interesting....


  1. I knew you could make me smile.! Don't worry about not passing it on. I don't think anyone else has. I think #2 is not true and #4 unless it was someone who took his name.

  2. Snafu, I am sure that there are more than just two of us who find your blog interesting -- but they are just lurking and not commenting. Don't give up; one day they will break through their shyness and reveal themselves!

    I think the first number 1 is not true. If it was true, you would have copyrighted your ability and made a fortune by now :]

  3. Need the answer, Snafu. Don't keep us in suspense!

  4. OK the first no 4 is not true, I have only sailed on three seas. I suppose the second no 2 is not true always, I can count mostly.
    The Caesar family, originally from Italy, always name one male in each generation Julius. Strangely I met his nephew in 2006, also named Julius. If you want to know how that happened you must read the memoirs I have been sending to K. Sounds posh put like that, memoirs.