Sunday, 9 January 2011

Movie quiz

Each picture represents a well known movie. Try to guess what its title is. None of them are new movies, so people of my generation may stand a better chance at guessing.
Apologies for the rather childish drawings, I am not as skilled in art as some.

Number one - there have been several versions of this movie but the first was the best

Number two - A haunting theme tune and a damn good plot

Number three - What a long movie this one is

Number four - An epic struggle and love blooms


  1. I am pretty sure I know numbers one and three, but I am still working on the other two. I am going to send you an email - to see if I am correct, so that I don't spoil it for others!

  2. Robert Donat for me!
    Dum-di dum-di dum. Di Dum!
    No idea.
    I never really got into this one. Not sure if it's him or her but I didn't really enjoy it. (Yes - I know I'm a Phillistine!)

  3. M-AJ, you've got the first one. That is the one I like best. Definitive moment when he calls out to the guy on the stage. 'What are the .....'
    No. 2, I think you are singing off key but I believe you have guessed correctly. Dfinitive moment when you see who is standing in the doorway.
    No. 3 - It really is a very long winded movie.
    No. 4 - definately a him or her movie, looks like you have got it too. Definiative moment - the wedding/execution.

  4. Sorry, but I am stumped over 2 and 4. I never was a big movie watcher, but your clues helped with 1 and 3 (even though I didn't know 1 was a movie - I read the book, and I never did see 3). Even AJ's hints don't help me with the other two!

  5. Ok - got them all (got by, with a little help from my friends) - but where is ChrisJ, with all her movie expertise?!

  6. Aha! Number 3 will be the beans then. Though Frankly my dear......

  7. Oh - I forgot. "Did I get it right Sir?" ;)

  8. Well it can be caused by beans but it is better when it is gone...