Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I've Been Tagged too

This tag requires that I answer six questions, presumably as honestly as possible. I have tried as far as possible but I am staying in the family home of my wife’s son and it would be impolite to spend too much time on this. So here is a quick answer.

Q1 Do you think you are hot?

Yes, I know I’m hot. I am currently in the Mid West of the USA, Tornado Alley, and I am finding it rather too warm. The local temperature is about fifteen degrees C above what we are used to at home and noticably higher than the last place we visited, the home town of one of my cousins in Canada.

Q2 Upload a picture or the wallpaper you are using.

This has been my wallpaper on my laptop for the last two years, ever since we stayed with another cousin of mine who lives near Niagra. This may be a clue as to where it is.

Q3 When did you last eat chicken?

Two nights ago. My cousin (the first cousin mentioned) took us out to a local restaurant, where I had something off the menu I have never tried before and I have already forgotten the name, but it was very nice.

Q4 A song I have listened to recently

‘Ape call’ by Nervous Nrovus The very first record I ever bought in 1956, I was delighted to find a copy amongst a collection of ancient 78 records I was shown recently. If you want to risk listening to it, follow this link. Ape Call

Q5. What are you thinking as you do this?

‘Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.’ Well I suppose I am thinking mildly indignant thoughts about the person who first thought up this idea and racking my brains for something suitable.

Q6 have you any nickname?

I have never had a nickname that I knew about. Maybe my erstwhile students know otherwise.

I do not think I can tag many people, since most of my tiny circle of followers have already have been tagged, and anyway, I would not like to impose on them, unlike certain cousins who live in California, no names mentioned.

Should you be one of my followers or just someone who is passing by, and think it would be fun to do this, please feel free, but please mention where you got the idea from.


  1. What an odd set of questions!!

    I hope you and your wife are having a great time. Rain here, everyday, everywhere...

    Travel safe. x

  2. Hi Snafu,

    this isn't really from me this time!

    Hilary from 'Positive Letters' says,

    Please could you put a comment on Jobbing Writers blog .. as Hilary can’t email to let JW know that she can’t get through ..


  3. Great answers to your 'snags' snafu. I think you would be hot if you were still here - 40 degrees today. If I recall the chicken dish was Chicken Parmesan -- with pasta instead of mashed potatoes!

    Having difficulty posting this comment - my 4th try, hope it works!

  4. Your answer to number one made me smile. I think I'd be thinking the same as you for question five! The chicken question is a bit left-field... I wonder if the original set were marketing questions for a chicken company!

  5. I love this tag posts, and getting to know bloggers a little better. I'm posting mine on Friday.

    Ellie Garratt

  6. I have just noticed that the link to Ape Call had broken. Since I am sure you would all just love to hear it, I have linked it in again.