Saturday, 7 January 2012

Happy New Year

I have not yet properly emerged from hibernation, I have managed to greet the new year with a cold which has gone straight to my chest, so just a brief seasons greeting and a puzzle picture.

See if you can guess what this scene is showing, you may be surprised.


  1. Do you want to know what it is, or what it's on?
    I kow what it is - and have some in my garden.

    This is a very fine example, I mus' say!

  2. oh don't worry i haven't officially re-cooperated, i got a cold after Christmas and has developed a bit, and my mum caught it...oops. And for some reason i can't stop burping. I am not pleasant to be around right now!

    I hope you get better soon to delight us with your tales!

  3. Sorry, I haven't a clue, Snafu. But hey, you warranted a comment from Saffron! Sorry about your cold. Sounds like you and he had the same one. He was really under the weather this past week, but I think the worst is over now.

  4. Whoops! Sorry, I missed the part about you and Barry had the same one. Hopefully it now makes sense.

  5. Hi Snafu - so glad you re-surfaced, even if just for a moment. Not sure what this virus is that's going around, but I would be grateful if you all would stop passing it on. I have a horrible chest cold and cough also - going to stop hanging around with you all if this keeps up!

    As for the photo, I think it is some 'plain' old garden moss, magnified a few thousand times. If I am correct, it is quite remarkable how beautiful it actually is - I AM surprised!

    Ah, and I see now, that AJ almost gave it away -- very clever!!