Wednesday, 28 March 2012

An untagged version of a tagging.

MorningAJ was sort of tagged by Weaverofgrass and decided to do an untagged version, thereby avoiding tagging others and imposing the obligation of passing it on.  I like the idea of it being voluntary and so here I am untagged aslo.  It is a list of questions which seemed interesting although not all of them easy to answer.  
And here is my offering;

What would I do if I won the lottery? 
My idea of what I would do has changed over the years.  First I thought I would buy and run a second hand book shop, something that has always fascinated me and as a millionaire, it would not matter if it made a profit or not and I could spend all day surrounded by books.  Now I wonder if giving it all away to charity would be wiser because it would bring a lot of problems.  Maybe I could cope with a few hundred thousand but several millions would be too much.

Where would I like to holiday this year?
I love sailing so my ideal holiday is sailing around somewhere like Sweden, sailing up from the Baltic to the Gulf of Bothnia.

Top of bucket list?
I am not sure I understand this question, but it seems to relate to doing something unusual in a bucket.  Perhaps I will pass on that.

Last book read.
It took me a while to recall what it was.  Not because it was a long time ago but because I read a lot quite quickly and usually more than one at a time.  It was not Connie Willis’ Blackout that was before I read the sequel All Clear, so it must have been The Doll Maker and Other Tales of the Uncanny by Sarban.  Somewhere in between these I read Farm Boy by Michael Morpurgo, but that was a short book and only took a single sitting and before that I re read Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keys as well as reading The Magic Goes Away by Larry Niven  and Cross Bones by Kathy Reich.   The last two are still in progress, so I have not finished them yet.

Earliest memory.
This one is easier.  My earliest memory is standing outside the bomb shelter hearing the all clear going.   I was three when WWII ended so I must have been at least three probably younger.

Favourite film
Like MorningAJ said, only one film?  I do have many favourites, but if I could only have a single movie it would be… Ground Hog Day… no The Wrong Box… no The Third Man.. well maybe not those,  Arsenic and Old Lace, but that reminds me I like Kind Hearts and Coronets..  well maybe it would be  Falling Down… or the Usual Suspects.. no  The Prestige…   Leon………..

Would you like to change your name?

Did I enjoy school?
No -  well quite often but not all the time.

What would you be if you could be anything?
Rich – Oh you mean what thing?  Bacteria, the most successful living thing on the planet, older than dinosaurs and unlikely to be harmed even by a large meteor strike.

Favourite smell?
This one made me think, but I have finally come up with Geraniums

City versus country?
Both have their place.  I don’t think I want to live too far away from a town now I am getting older.  I liked living in the country, proper dark nights, no traffic noise, bird song and all that, although the smells can be a bit much at muck spreading time and it is not a place to live if you don’t drive and one day I will have to give up driving.  So town it is for me.
So there you are another peep into my psyche, strange isn’t it.


  1. Good questions; GREAT answers, snafu! As I understand it, a bucket list is a list of things you want to do or accomplish before you die. Altho your explanation would work well for some people. I'm not so sure being bacteria would be all that great; having the reputation of making people sick or even killing them off. You are much too kind-hearted to be bacteria. I know you are an avid reader, but I can't believe the number of books you have read recently. You must have added a set of books shelves since my visit last year.

    I think I am going to try this untagged tag - just wish I could be as funny as you!

  2. What a fascinating selection. They are pretty good questions for winkling out a few gems from the brain, aren't they?
    I'm sort of with you on the town thing. I live in an overgrown village - so we still have services like a post office and pubs and shops, but I can walk down a country lane less than five minutes from home. Best of both, I guess.

    Thanks for picking up the baton. I wonder where it'll go next?