Friday, 27 April 2012

Oh weary weary days

Oh weary weary days
Oh to have our house back, I hope it will come right
The front door never closes, from morning, noon ‘til night
Plastic over carpets and leading up the stair
Dust and plaster, bits of wood and dirt lies everywhere
The walls are freshly plastered, but there’s still a lot to do,
The cupboards are in pieces, and we haven’t got a loo
The measurements are made and all the holes are drilled
It’s just gone four, a closing door and all the work is stilled
Next day we had a problem, the electrician our wiring hated
The lights don’t work, the earth is dud, we’re not cert-if-i-cated
Why did we ever think, our ancient room so wrong?
 We would have just put up with it, if we knew it took this long.


  1. Been there done that, won't do it again. If we have to have "stuff" done -- like tenting for termites, I'm going away to hide.

  2. Oh, poor snafu and TBH - I am SO sorry! It's miserable. I know that's why DOTH steadily refuses to have renovations done in the house - because it's like washing a spot off the wall. Once you start, you won't stop until you've done all the walls in the house, 'cause they all now look dirtier than the cleaned spot! And you just never know what lies behind all that stuff you're pulling down, that the previous owner put up to hide a mess or a problem. Hoping against hope that it all comes together for you soon.

  3. Kaybee, It is not really that bad, I was just in the mood to make a short 'pome' about our lot. It is not meant to be taken seriously. If you know of Pam Ayres, it sounds better if you imagine her reading it. If you have not heard of Pam Ayres, I will post you a CD, I am sure you will like her, she puts a great sense of humour in her poems.

  4. I've not heard of Pam Ayres, snafu; she sounds like fun! I'm glad it's not so bad. What it does show is that you are a clever poet!! My mother used to write poetry like that, once in a while.

  5. It's always good to see the funny side (and turn it into a poem!)