Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Wands and how to use them

I will now tell the sceptical how a wand can be used to perform magic.  In London, you can buy a Train pass for the Underground, called an Oyster card. To use it you pass it over a sensor and the barriers open until the money you have put on the card runs out.  You can then top up and off you go again.  If you have a wand, take the Oyster card and very carefully cut the small chip out of the card and glue it to the end of your wand. The chip is an RFID device and does not need the card to work. On reaching the barrier, you wave the tip of your wand over the sensor and the barrier opens as if you were a magician.  People will stare and those who really do think Harry Potter is real may wonder seriously about what just happened.  It helps if you mutter the appropriate incantation too.


  1. What? Seriously, have you tried this! That would be so much fun - well, depending on the incantation, of course!