Wednesday, 12 September 2012

This is for Kaybee

Most games of Pooh sticks are traditionally played on a low bridge across a stream, since that is how Christopher Robin, Winne the Pooh and Piglet originated the game.  In fact for purists, you should go to the 100 acre wood where he game originated.  Link 
 For extreme sports Poohsticks fans, this is a bit tame, so fast flowing rivers and deep gorges provide them with a much more serious challenge. The higher the bridge, the greater the skill in getting your stick to land in just the right part of the river and not be disqualified for landing over the starting line.   Extreme PS can be divided into two leagues, the High Altitude league and the Rapids league.
The skills for a high altitude games are different from a rapids game, but the most interesting are where a high altitude game is played over rapids. The faster and more turbulent the flow the greater the arguments as to which stick crossed the line first, often not even resolved with laser theodolites and stop watches.  Often only a photo finish will resolve disputes, which canbecome quite heated.
P Kits the four times gold medal winner is credited with developed the Pootronic stick with built in GPS and inertial recorders which, whilst controversial, particularly in the buoyancy area, has been responsible for an argument free result for the first time in several seasons.  Extreme gamers will travel the world, even going to the extent of erecting rope bridges across dangerous gorges which at certain times of the year carry the flood water from the spring melt from some of the highest mountains in the world.  However, the IPL (International Poohstick League) are trying to ban the use of impromptu bridges since there have been some deaths when people have attempted to erect PS bridges in dangerous conditions.
Well maybe the bit about extreme PS gamers is not really true but TG and her family did play Poohsticks off the Ironbridge and being so high, dropping the stick became a bit more of a challenge as the wind took them all over the place :)


  1. Well, you learn something new everyday, especially when snafu is involved :} Thanks for the explanation. I must admit I was getting a bit concerned as I continued reading the above post, and was greatly relieved to discover that at least some of the post was due to your somewhat over-inflated imagination! Never-the-less, it's all very interesting. I guess my childhood was seriously lacking the adventures of Pooh! I have a new great-grandbaby on the way - maybe, as she grows, I will get to share some of Pooh's adventures with her and educate myself at the same time!

  2. Hey Pete! Just wanted to thank you and joy for my donation for my skydive!