Friday, 23 August 2013

A Visit From Africa

I am almost back to normal and have some time for a short blog.
Micro sand dunes

I want to report that we were visited by the Sahara desert recently during the night. It left both our cars dirty and a few micro sand dunes on our patio table. This happens now and then when the wind is from the south and there have been dust storms in north Africa, lifting the dust to stratospheric heights. This can lead to yellow or red rain if it happens in the daytime.

The patio table top should be the same colour as the legs and shiny
This dirty rain fell overnight, so we were unable to see what colour the rain was. There was a particularly bad fall of red rain many years ago when I was working in London and one morning, when getting ready to drive to work, I thought that someone had deliberately thrown a bucket of muddy water over my car in the night. I later discovered that I was not the only one and lots of other cars looked the same. I am not sure how far these muddy rains extend up the country, because I never experienced it when working in the North of England.


  1. We do get them up here - but no so often. And we didn't get this one.

  2. That's amazing! Surely that must be a fairly new happening...never heard of it before!! At least you didn't have to travel too far to get to see the Sahara!

  3. I did hear about the bad red rain a year or two ago. Very weird. Now you have sand dunes! Weather is a phenomenon in and of itself these days. Thanks for visiting my blog so faithfully. I'm glad you are finding time to get back to yours again.