Thursday, 14 November 2013

An Interlude in real time - Autumn

Well autumn is here at last, I have kicked my first pile of leaves, had my first frost encrusted windscreen and now that the leaves are falling the road signs are becoming visible once more.

During the Second World War, the government took down all the signposts, so that spies and invading armies would soon get lost and maybe the hope was that they would become so frustrated, they would give up and go home. Should a war occur again and the threat of invasion once more rear its ugly head, we will have to hope that the enemy invade in summer time, when all the signposts across the country are hidden by the trees and bushes that have been allowed grow across them.

A typical secret modern signpost - confusion to our enemies and tourists alike
On holiday recently we had some problems with sign posts. What about Satnav I hear you cry, but whilst a satnav will more often than not take you to your destination, they have been known to guide you via an inappropriate route, but one must also allow for the possibility that one may have left the darn thing behind in a senior moment. When this happens the map is used, because us wrinklies whilst suffering the odd senior moment do know how to read a map. (and how to fold it up again) However, the map is not much good if the signposts are hidden behind dense foliage and you either have to put up with some irate hooting whilst you slow to a crawl in the hopes you will eventually see all of the sign as you creep past, or turn around and have another go at deciphering the little you can see. We did manage to navigate eventually, but there were a few occasions where we had to double back. Perhaps next year I will bring a pair of shears, or maybe just remember the satnav.


  1. Those satnavs (we call them a GPS), can be confusing, and downright dangerous. So often DOTH and I have asked it to take us to a local, famous, fast food restaurant, knowing it was close but not sure how to get to it, and we end up at one 2 miles away! I won't use it when I am alone in the car. If I have to travel into unknown territory, I print off the info from Google maps before I leave...much more accurate, even if antiquated!

  2. I hate satnavs. I call ours the 'nagging woman' because she won't shut up - even when I know she's taking us the long way round to get somewhere. Problem is, we live close to a motorway. There's a perfectly good A road running alongside it, but she insists on taking us along the motorway because it's 'quicker'. Except it usually isn't.