Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas blog

Well, it is that time of the year again and in the shops and garden centres serried ranks of thousands of Christmas trees, lean against each other in their rows, sadly waiting to die slowly having been cruelly deprived of their roots. A time of year when people forget green and spend oodles of money on lights and kilowatts of electricity in order to impress the neighbours. Although to be fair, some do it for charities and collect money for good causes, but I can’t help thinking that like fireworks, our festive activities do rather blow the idea of the nation’s low carbon footprint out of the water.

At home, we do not go in for much show, but have a few decorations which you can only really see when inside the house. They are after all just for us to enjoy and any friends who happen by.

One thing that we have kept from an older tradition is this small Santa teddy. It was bought when the kids were small enough to find Christmas an exciting event and a fully decorated house was a must. Since they lost their mother one Christmas many years ago, it has taken the sense of joy a while to return and this year, teddy has once more come back from his long hibernation in the loft to celebrate Christmas once more. So here’s to absent friends… and to all you blogging types out there, a happy Christmas or Yule or whatever it is you celebrate in whatever name, have a good one.


  1. And a wonderful festive season to you too! I think your teddy is cute and he'd fit in well with our theme. We have a number of fluffy toy decorations on our (fake) tree - including a spaceman. Cue Chris de Burgh...... (exit singing)

  2. A belated Happy Christmas and New Year!