Saturday, 8 March 2014

Spring is springing

It looks as if spring has arrived at last in England.

Because it has been a warmer winter than usual, some plants are well ahead of others and we have had snowdrops in different parts of the garden for over two months now. Likewise our daffs are coming and going at different times, instead of all together.

Elsewhere, the waters are receding, allowing those poor distraught victims of the flood to try to recover what they can from their ruined possessions. We live near the headwaters of the Thames and the water meadows have been flooded as usual, but for longer than usual and now the rain has slowed down a bit and allowed us to experience whole days of dry * weather, the grass is appearing again here and there. 
 *Dry is a relative value, some days it has only rained for a few minutes, or has missed us by a few miles.

The water meadows near Cricklade
So hopeful signs all around for an end to the wettest winter on record.  We have even had some sunshine and I snapped this picture to prove it.
Look, blue sky!

They are doing some building work in a small town we visit from time to time which is about thirty miles from us. If you look closely you will see a poor man trapped up the eighty foot ladder waiting for something to do. It must be quite peaceful and warm up there inside that greenhouse-like cab and he is obviously relaxed and settled in for a long wait.

Looking closely you can see his feet.


  1. Oh I love the relaxed man in the cab. I'd hate to be up there but it must be a great way to spend your days - if you can stand heights!

  2. Lovely to see the daffodils and snowdrops. After having no winter this year we are being told an El Nino is forming (extra warm Pacific waters), which means we will have a very wet winter next year. Well we shall see. I'm certainly not complaining about this year's

  3. Ha. I'm not sure I could be that relaxed that far up!

    Wonderful to have some warmer weather and see the first signs of spring. Long may it last!