Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Just a thought

As an English born citizen of the United Kingdom, I am aware that the nation I was born into may soon be changed beyond recall by a minority vote that I am not allowed to enter into. This firstly offends my sense of democracy and secondly annoys me that an organisation, with one letter in its name different from the reviled BNP has that kind of power over my country.
So I suggest that instead of an independent Scotland, we now hold a new referendum to join our countries to Scotland and all become Scottish. In this way, The First Minister will be able to give us all free NHS prescriptions, free university courses, full employment, lower taxes and all the other benefits that his vison of an independent Scotland entails. So to hell with the Yes and NO vote, vote for a United Scotland with Wales, England and Northern Ireland all joined together as one big Scotched up nation and hurrah for the - er… white and blue.


  1. What's really annoying me is that, when they mess up and realise they can't actually cope on their own, they will be allowed to come back and we'll have to pick up the tab. Does anyone know where the mooring rope is so we can untie it and let them float away?

  2. Hi Snafu. I have tried leaving comments here several times in the last mo nth but they don'seem to go through In addition you don't come up on my blogger reading list either. Not sure why. Any way I enjoyed your post about the red arrows. Not sure what to think about the big vote on Scotland. I always thought the Scots had their heads screwed on the right way, so I hope they know what they are doing.I must say i feel a little disillusioned with England because of the enormous cultural changes after excessive immigration.. By the way, I hope I mentioned it, but I did manage to open up the card you sen t. Just didn't recognize the tiny one inside the larger one. We had a great time in Hawaii. Wendy is a dynamo! Such a lot of fun. Thanks for always commenting on my blogs.