Tuesday, 17 February 2015


It looks like spring is on its way. It still is a way off but hints are appearing. Snowdrops are blooming and the birds are setting up home.

We had an old nest box which had great tits nesting for a couple of years, but we never saw any chicks. Eventually the box started to come apart, so I built a new one.

At first a blue tit investigated it coming back and forth for a while but stopped calling after a few days. Now a great tit has been flitting back and forth for more than a week.  He is alternately poking his head into the box or sitting nearby chirping loudly. No doubt he is telling the world that he has found a nice nest site and any suitable female bird would be welcome to come and share it with him.

So winter may be on its way out soon and more spring flowers will be showing themselves quite soon.


  1. Thanks for all your thoughts and comments. Kay passes info on to me. I certainly appreciate your understanding for us all. I love snow drops! Let's hope the great tit favors you with his presence. We don't get any of the tit family here. Chicadees are the nearest, but they don't come as far as the coast. Things are settling down a little around here. Can't say 'normal' but at least more predictable. Time is a good healer.

  2. The weather forecast is saying we have bad stuff to come yet.Hard to believe today but they're saying there's more snow on the way!