Tuesday, 10 March 2015

It Must be Spring

We have just had a nice day out at Lacock Village and Lacock Abbey, both places that feature often as a backdrop for filming cinema and TV period dramas.

A street in Lacock village

Lacock Abbey
Although the daffodils are not yet all in bloom, and the snowdrops are just past their best, the whole place was covered in crocuses and the sunny day made it feel very spring like.

A mass of crocuses
Lacock Abbey was once the home of the Talbot family and Fox Talbot, the British inventor of the photographic process.  He was the first to use a negative.   It is one of the statetly homes of England and has many of the trappings of the luxurious life style of its past.  In order to prevent deer wandering into the formal grounds surrounding this kind of house, a kind of moat was used which became known as a Ha-Ha.  The idea was that your guests could see an uniterrupted view of the vast estate without being hindered by walls or fences.  It was invisible from the house and I have often wondered if any house guests ever fell in when slightly confused by the intake of strong drink.

A Ha Ha


  1. I LOVE Lacock! I wish it was closer to us. But it's a bit far for a day out.

  2. So happy for you that spring has arrived. It makes such a difference to our lives in every way, when we leave winter behind. Unfortunately, we still have at least a foot or more of snow on the ground, and it is the dirty, sooty kind, for the most part. We are all so much panting for spring that yesterday DOTH and I were out driving and, at a traffic light, a car pulled up beside us. The driver was a young lady with no coat on, just a short sleeved t-shirt, with windows down and radio blaring...whilst all around her were pedestrians, and drivers, bundled up to the ears in winter coats, gloves, scarves and boots on...and a foot of snow on either side of the road!