Monday, 25 January 2016


What do you do with all the bits left over after you have stripped down a number of dud hard disks to get the magnets out of them? Make a sculpture of course.

This is made from three read write head arms and a set of the ball races they swivel on.  The engineering inside these machines is really something and seems a waste to just chuck it when the drive has failed. 
The magnets are very powerful and you find two in each hard drive. 

Two magnets removed from the disk drive

They make good tool holders in a metal cabinet or glued onto a wooden one.  They will hold quite heavy tools in place.
They are useful for a number of other things.  Glued to a  stick, you can get that dropped screw out from under the cupboard where it rolled.  Also young grandchildren find them fun things to have.  However, they are very strong and you need to make sure your skin does not get caught between two magnets or you could get a blood blister. They are quite fragile, being a ceramic/ferrite material and they snap easily but then you have two smaller magnets.

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