Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Summer Holiday day two

July 23 - Pickering 

The house we had hired is right in the middle of Pickering and is very nicely situated for visiting the town.

 It has an archway that leads from the road to the parking area at the back of the house where our three cars could be parked safely off the street. The third car belongs to the other members of the family who were joining us from Cumbria, The daughter (TD), The Son In Law (TSIL) and the Granddaughter (TG).

When they arrived they found a baby hedgehog wandering around. It usually means that something is amiss if they are out during the day, so it was taken into the garden and given some water to drink. A few moments later a second one was discovered and brought in to the garden too. They both drank some water and eventually scurried off into the undergrowth, but were back again the next afternoon.

Hedgehogs are very benign animals and keep the slugs and snails down in your garden if you are lucky enough to have them live in your garden, so we fed and watered these two for the next few days. Unfortunately one of them became ill and eventually despite anything that we could do, it died. The other seemed to survive and started to behave as a normal hedgehog should and only emerged at night.
Because of some members of our family were still suffering from jet lag, we spent a quiet Sunday unpacking and organising our rooms and doing a little exploration of Pickering and not a lot else.

Two Morgans were parked in Pickering one day whilst we were there.  My father's first car was a Morgan and he always had fond memories of his exploits in it with my mother when they were courting, Whenever we saw one, my father would always want to look closely and over the years I learned a lot about this ancient vehicle.  I believe these were modern, since they were originally made in the 1920s and somewhat cruder in construction.

To get to the road that has the most shops in it, we could walk down an alleyway which passes by an auction room.  We could peep inside an open door to see the stuff going under the hammer, but the auction was to be held after we left, which disappointed the junk collectors among us.

Despite the town being very busy, we hardly ever met anyone using this path.
During our wandering, we were able to locate Pickering Station and it was decided that we would take a trip to Whitby the next day.

Pickering station. the terminus of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Pickering Station, although a working service, is something of a museum in its own right

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  1. Love Pickering, and the North Yorks Moors Railway! What a pretty house you stayed in!