Sunday, 14 March 2010

Spring and so on

Well, spring seems to have sprung here in the south of the UK and as predicted by various groundhogs, it is decidedly late. We have been able to get into the garden and do a bit of long needed work. Soon we will be able to take the covers off the more delicate plants and we will start to be worried about keeping everything watered. The lawn will need mowing regularly and I will start to wish for winter again.

We had a strange problem with Joy’s car recently when the boot (trunk across the pond) kept opening itself occasionally when no one was near. It did not happen often or regularly but we would suddenly find it had opened all by itself. So we contacted the VW dealer who sold the car and they made a number of helpful suggestions no doubt in the hopes of it not having it come to them to sort out. In the end we had proof on camera that it was happening by itself because we have security cameras that wake up the recorder when they see movement. Although we did not actually catch it opening, we had a visual record of when it was shut and when it was open and what’s more it had opened when we were several miles away from home. The dealer thus convinced we were not senile went on to find the fault.

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  1. If only Toyota and Mr Toyoda could solve their problems so easily. I think they need you there, Pete!