Wednesday, 10 March 2010

When I were a lad....

Whatever happened to telegraph poles? . I suddenly realised recently that they have nearly all gone. You hardly ever see more than about four wires on the very few remaining poles that you sometimes see around town. Years ago, every main road had at least one row of poles all they way along it, festooned with dozens of wires.
On occasions you would come across a large olive green van parked nearby with about a dozen men lounging around whilst one man was up the pole fiddling around with the wires. When the wind was just right, certain telegraph poles in the more exposed places would make a strange humming, singing noise as the wind blew through the wires and my cousin and I would press our ear to the pole to listen to this eerie sound.

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  1. I know you probably won't believe this, but daughter and I were sitting with a cuppa, looking out of our picture window this morning, and I said, "Wouldn't you think, with today's technology, that they would have come up with something better than telegraph poles and all those wires?"

    Our street is full of them -- very unsightly. I must take a photo and post it to my blog to show very low slung one across our lawn to the house is for our internet cable, because when they tried to lay our new neighbour's cable in the ground, they hacked ours. Now we have to wait until the ground is not frozen and they will try again. Probably they will hack our neighbour's cable this time!