Sunday, 11 July 2010

Adverts and packaging

Some of the ideas that marketing people get paid to use to promote a product worry me, for instance...

‘Made from all natural ingredients’ – what are unnatural ingredients? Ectoplasm?

‘New Improved!’ – What was wrong with the old product? Have you been selling me an inferior product all these years? I want my money back

‘Organic!’ The opposite of organic is inorganic, does this mean that food not labelled organic may contain Arsenic trioxide, copper sulphate or cadmium fluoride to name but a few inorganic compounds.

‘Fun sized!’ More like small and poor-value-for-money size.

Don’t hang around singing about fruit juice you foolish blackcurrant! – run for your life!

Putting vitamins or certain plants in something you wash your hair with makes it healthier? How does your hair digest this food?

As for Fairy washing up liquid, it clearly said in the advertisement that it would wash up a whole load of dishes and showed me how many. I left it with my dirty dishes all night and it did not wash up a single dish!

‘Just Spray on’ shower cleaner. Nothing about rinsing and wiping after? Sure it cleans, like a layer of some sticky chemical over the shower tiles is clean.

Another thing that worries me is, according to some adverts how some people let their sinks/toilets etc become disgustingly filthy before they consider going out to buy something to clean them. The idea that these products will actually clean up ten years of neglect in a single wipe is a little optimistic and it must prove deeply disappointing when these lazy suckers actually buy the product.

‘Kills 99% of all known germs!’ In terms of a risk assessment that seems quite good figures but what if only one of the one percent is highly virulent? So what germs are not killed? Please tell us what they are – I’m scared.


  1. Hilarious, Pete! I love the lazy dishwashing liquid! And the last one -- I think about it everytime I use that handy-dandy purse-sized hand sanitizer. Always hoping and praying that I haven't touched that one percent of "all known germs" -- must be a real killer!

  2. I echo Kay's comments1 Love your sense of humor. Bet you could come up with heaps more of these hyped up ads. What DO they think we have for brains? Mashed potatoes??