Wednesday, 28 July 2010


With regard to the Frustration Post, I also hate the new version of Freecell on Windows 7. Being an organised kind of person I like to do each different possible puzzle in numerical sequence and starting at game one a decade or so ago, I have nearly reached 10,000. Apart from the horrible colour scheme which was introduced in Vista, which makes it hard to see which cards are highlighted, the W7 game will not let you select a new game of your own choosing without it couniting as a loss on your statistics. At least, I have not found any way of avoiding this happening. Definately a cheater's game too, because you can go back and undo as many move as you like. The older version was much more difficult because you could only go back one move.

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  1. I really enjoy Freecell, too. And I especially enjoy being able to go back a whole bunch of moves without it going on my statistics. Call me a cheater if you like -- but you would have to call me "going out of her head" if I wasn't able to do that -- my patience just won't last that long!

    I have also found the way (horror of horrors!)to reset my statistics -- more cheating, I know...but I like to pretend I am winning every game!!