Thursday, 30 August 2012

A 'look' meme for fun

The idea came via Morning AJ, who got the idea from Beautiful Chaos, whose link does not seem to be working for me.
The idea is to find the first time the word 'look' is used alone in something you are writing to and post the surrounding paragraph.  I have actually taken two paragraphs, as they are storngly linked and also, since I have not yet decided how exactly to order the finished work, this may not eventually be the first 'look'.  So bending the rules a little, here it is in all its warty glory.

Stepping onto the outside floor, which was miraculously level with the bottom sill of the hatch, I was able to walk out into the corridor.  Thankful to be on a steady floor that seemed to be solidly fixed in place I turned and looked behind me. The opening that I had come through looked like any door, with all the appearance that it was meant to be there. It did not look in any way as if it had just landed there by accident.
Could it really be a lift? If it was and I had just experienced its normal operation, it did not say anything good about the person who designed it. That was some rough ride!  Surely it must have fallen into place by accident, or had broken in some way?  No one would design a lift to behave like the thing I had just been in, unless they were completely deranged, but the more I looked the more I saw it was designed to be where it was and I thought dark thoughts about the designer and wondered if I had stepped into some sort of fairground ride. But that was ridiculous! I had been walking along… no, standing on the pavement somewhere in the City near the Old Baily.

This is a small part of a story of someone who gets lost in London and eventually finds their way home after many tribulations and a much much longer journey than they had ever made before, and , of course, meeting and falling for a girl in the process.  As you may have already deduced, it is Science Fiction.


  1. That's sounding interesting. You'll have to let us know when it's available to read.
    I mended th link, by the way. I think you can reach Beautiful Chaos now.

  2. Yep, can hardly wait for the complete version!