Monday, 13 August 2012

The world according to Snafu - The Olympics

So the big one is over at last and now all the pundits can poke their heads above the parapet and start carping on about how awful it was.
There have already been two on the radio this morning moaning about how the closing ceremony was so dreadful.  I am not sure which closing ceremony they were watching because the one I watched seemed to be entertaining and fun.   There were a few has-beens amongst the host of stars that appeared but they were all significant contributors to the British life and although they hit their peak a while back, oldies like me still recall them with good memories.  The later stars were often not performers of the kind of music I would go out of my way to listen to but were equally valid and I put up with them because they were obviously popular too for their generation and some of them I have embraced too (figuratively speaking) and included them in my music collection.   The one thing I noticed was that whilst we had a good cross section of British music, no theatre was represented and especially nothing from the Lloyd Webber stable which had created musical hits around the world.
All in all it was quite watchable and I was late to bed so as to watch it to the very end, as were the rest of the family who are currently staying with us.
Anyway, it is not over yet.  The Paralympics is soon to follow where some really stupendously brave and determined people will compete, hopefully in front of a similarly enthusiastic audience and I wish them all the best of luck in their coming moment of glory.


  1. I stayed up and watched it. Bad idea when your alarm goes off at 5.50am!

    There were also quite a few people missing from the list of rock and pop. Where were Status Quo? Free? Deep Purple? Black Sabbath? The Stones? Emerson Lake and Palmer? Rick Wakeman (or any of Yes)? Slade? (Come on! Feel the Noyze!)

    Bri May can still rock a good tune, and Roger Daltrey did pretty well for a deaf old fart, but it's time Madness retired.

    I approve of including a bit of Anthony Newley (Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) but what were they thinking of to let Russell Brand sing it?

    Beyond that - I hadn't realised how much I like Elbow (a new-fangled combo I'm not too familiar with) so I learned something.

    I'm knackered this morning though.

  2. MAJ, yes I had quite forgotton Russell Brand, it was quite dreadfull.

  3. My sister raved about the opening ceremonies, so I made the effort to watch the closing, but was VERY disappointed...kept hoping it would get better, but no! Didn't even know most of the artists. Does anyone know of a link to the opening ceremonies? I would love to see them. I can only find short pieces, and mostly not good quality, on youtube.