Monday, 5 April 2010


I have not experienced staying at Butlins in the UK, although I have been a day visitor and lived in a town where there was a Butlins Holiday Camp and so saw a fair amount of the way they worked. Disneyland is rather like that, but with more American food. Whatever you do you have to queue for everything and everywhere you go there is 'jolly' music. Since the clientele were from all parts of Europe, we heard many different languages beside the native French and not everyone there seemed to understand the rules of queuing.
The Euro currency has got quite close to the pound, so most things were rather dear, because once you are inside the park, they do not have to be competitive.
TG's highlight was a lunch where all the different princesses from the Disney movies arrive and visit all the tables in the restaurant. Their respective princes accompany each one and so TG was able to talk to nearly all the Disney Royalty and got lots of autographs and photos. The people who play these parts are very good and really act out their respective roles for the children very well.

The weather was not too kind to us but that was not unexpected and there are many indoor activities but one day we did have to shelter from the cold by about eleven by taking refuge in an alpine themed restaurant, where we drank hot drinks in order to return feeling to our near hypothermic bodies to the sound of music tracks from Pinocchio.
Despite getting fairly chilled, we were much luckier than those people in Scotland and Northern Ireland where on that day heavy snow fell and all sorts of problems occurred, including at least one death. We only got the tail end of that and it never fell below freezing, being that much further south.

It was a worthwhile experience particularly seeing TG’s face whenever a new character appeared.

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  1. Disneyland is still the absolute greatest thing for kids! Some of my family members DROVE down to Florida and back, on the recent school break, just to take the kids, grandkids and great grandkids to Disney World. Driving that long trip sure takes some courage with little children in the back seat..."Are we there yet?" They must really love Disney World!