Monday, 5 April 2010


Well we have now achieved one of Western civilisation's highest ideals - we have been to Disneyland.
Of course it was not quite the real thing, but Euro Disney. You cannot get to the USA from England by train and since The Granddaughter's (TG's) dad has survived one air crash, he will not risk flying again because, understandably, he believes air travel is unsafe.
So we travelled by Eurostar from Ashford and arrived at the Disney station near Paris on Sunday afternoon.
We checked into the Santa Fe hotel, which is a collection of different sized buildings of the style that you find in New Mexico and which are designed for a warmer drier climate.
Once checked in and divested of our luggage, we caught the shuttle bus and arrived at the park.
TG was thrilled, we managed to corner several Disney characters and she was able to get some twenty-three autographs altogether over the whole three days. We walked our feet off and then some in the process. Each day we arrived back at the Hotel and as soon as TG was asleep, we all crashed out too.
We were tired not just because of the extra walking, but because the UK had just moved forward an hour into summer time and when we arrived in France we had to move on another hour, so we were getting up two hours earlier than we had only a day or so before.


  1. I can just imagine TG's delight over all those Disney characters - her autograph book must be full!

    When we went to Disneyland in California many years ago, it took forever to get that song out of my mind: "It's a small world after all; it's a small world after all; it's a small world after all. It's a small, small world." Oh's running round and round my mind again -- see what you did, Pete?

  2. Yes me too - but I had forgotten until I read your comment- ta!