Tuesday, 6 April 2010


One of the clever things that Disney managed was an interactive session with the cartoon character Stitch, from the 'Lilo and Stich' movie. The smaller children were asked to sit on a mat in front of a large screen where Stitch appeared in cartoon form. He was able to talk to the children and got them to join in different activities with him. One was to see who could make the scariest face and TG (The Granddaughter) was selected to try. She managed to make a really frightening face and was named 'The most Scary Monster in the Universe' by Stitch, much to her parent's amusement.


  1. Well, that's something TG will never forget! And the title will no doubt stick -- even to the day the boyfriend comes to visit the parents, many years from now. That's the kind of thing moms love to do - you know, tell all the embarrassing stories, or show the photos of their children as babies, naked on bear-skin rugs!

    Me, I pulled out a photo of my son -- playing ventriloquist with his puppet, Happy Harry, taken when he was about 11 -- to show his girlfriend when she came to visit. I didn't half get it, later!

  2. Enjoying your posts. Disneyland was wonderful when the kids were little. Glyn was so excited that he couldn't enjoy the ride he was on, because he was trying to decide which to go on next!
    Sadly the long ago embarrassing things that happened to me were put upon me by my brother and my other cousin whose name begins with the same letter as your first name!