Saturday, 9 October 2010

Answer 2

Here are some of mine - the one in the centre with the evil red eyes is the one in the quiz picture.
They are all USB pen drives or flash drives, or whatever you call them, except the extreme left one which is a micro-SD card reader. Very useful because it does the same job and you can have umpteen SD cards of different sizes and never run out of space. Trouble is those things are so small I keep losing them.
Some advice you may not need, - they do not keep data forever and so make other backups, these things and all other kinds of flash memory technology devices are quite fragile.
Congrats to those who guessed correctly, which seems to be everyone who made a comment. I will have to do a harder one next.

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  1. That was fun, snafu - please don't make them too hard, though, 'cause then you will scare all your lurkers away and they will NEVER comment!