Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Picture Quiz #3

I have decided to make a more varied picture quiz, with enough in it that you must get at least one right, but most of them will become obvious with a little concentration. There is a little overlap between some objects and two them will be most obvious to people who have spent some time living in the UK prior to 1971, which unfortunately eliminates any people too young to remember these, at one time everyday, objects or those who never visited the UK that long ago. Sorry but I never said it would be a fair quiz. Best of luck anyway.


  1. #2 is a piece of gum
    #3is a threepenny bit
    #5 is the head of a safety pin
    #7 a ball point pen
    #8 adverizing on a ball point pen??
    #9 Pencil point?
    #10 Isn't that off a farthing?

    They must be too easy, Snafu, if I can guess this many.

  2. Oops, I almost missed this post!

    Great objects, snafu! I agree with ChrisJ on all the above - no idea what #1 is. I am sure #6 is a brazil nut, and #4 could be a beer bottle cap? This is fun!

  3. Oh, now I think #4 could be a Yale key!

  4. Is that it? Can't you even tell me the brand of the gum? I will wait a few days to see if any more responses arrive.

  5. Hey snafu -- when are you going to give us the answers??

  6. OK there seems to be an undewhelming response, so here goes:
    1 = a buttoncell battery
    2 = a Mentos Gum
    3 = a bronze thrupenny bit pre-decimal UK
    4 = an old fashioned Yale door key
    5 = a safety pin
    6 = a Brazil nut
    7 = a pen nib
    8 = a pencil from an Irish hotel
    9 = the end of the same pencil
    10= a historic coin, a 1942 UK farthing

    Congratulations ChrisJ and Kaybee, you got almomost all of them.