Monday, 4 October 2010

A mystery solved

I have known for some time that a bird of prey was stooging around our district, (see Birds posted 26/05/2010) but I never got a long enough look to identify it.

Now we know, it seems to be a Goshawk. It stood and stared at me waiting for me to go away and the minute I turned away, it was off, but this time I had caught it on camera.

Not a bad picture when you consider it was right under all the bushes in quite a shaded spot. You can see a spalsh of sunlight on the ground by him, which shows the level of light outside his hiding place.


  1. Great photo, Snafu. He looks like our Cooper's Hawk, who incidentally, just two minutes ago made a brush through our feeding area. No camera handy.

  2. I am most jealous of all these great photos that you and Chrisj are taking these days,snafu. You wait -- I am asking Santa for a new camera for Christmas, and once I am done with this book I will be on bird patrol! I missed a great shot of a Northern Flicker the other day - they only come by our garden twice a year - but of course, the camera was nowhere to be found!

    Those claws on the Goshawk in the first photo scare me!