Monday, 27 February 2012

And yet another visitor

I am not sure why this is happening, either we are becoming more observant in our old age, or we are spending more time idly gazing out of the window, but another newcomer has literally landed itself onto our list of visitors.
This time it is a Dunnock. Not an unusual bird to see, but another first in our garden.

Not a very spectacular colouring, and it is quite possible there have been dunnocks in the garden before and we did not realise it was not a sparrow, but it has a more pointed beak and the legs are a different colour, with that distinctive grey area around the head.


  1. They used to call them hedge sparrows until they worked out that there's no connection at all to house sparrows. I think they're sweet.

  2. He really is lovely, snafu - good on you to catch him on camera!

  3. Lovely. I always enjoy seeing how Dunnocks almost tip-toe around the edges of the flower beds as if they're playing 'What time is it Mr Wolf?'.