Friday, 10 February 2012

Winter continues

 We had a little more snow again today and I quickly snapped a few pictures (in poor light) in order to capture them before the snow melted. The birds were making the best of our bird feeder and we had quite a collection in the garden. I was unable to snap every kind that arrived looking for food, they tend to act camera shy and vanish as soon as I have got them in shot.

Twisted Hazel with two visitors in there somewhere
All the smaller birds disappear when he arrives
 Magpies will take baby chicks from smaller bird's nests in spring, so he is not very popular with them.

Robins are regular visitors and are very territorial, so he may be the same one we see most days

The snow did go mostly during the day, but there is still a little left and the temperature is falling rapidly this evening so it could be icy tomorrow.


  1. Wonderful photos Snafu. I love the twisted Hazel Such a great photo.

  2. Super pictures. Cute robin. Next year's Christmas card?

  3. The twisted hazel is very pretty,and on close up, I think I can see at least one little sparrow! The robin is lovely; so much cuter than our American robin.

    We had a fairly large snowfall overnight, and this morning the temp. is -15 celcius, brrr...

  4. Beautiful photographs, Snafu. I especially like the one of the magpie. Unusual to get that close.

  5. Kaybee, it has been almost as low in some parts of the UK at night. There is a sparrow, more or less centre and you can just see a Great tit to the right of that.
    Ellie, a 500mm zoom lens gets you close to Magpies.
    AJ, good idea.

  6. Lovely photographs, Rabbit, and I just love that twisted hazel in the snow. x