Tuesday, 7 February 2012


He is not an inchie, I drew him on the computer for our Crristmas tags, using an art package
 We have had our first taste of winter.  Actual snow fell one day but it was gone the next.  We have had some frost before that but nothing terrible, the coldest nightwas about minus 7C.  The cold may be returning but for the last two days it has kept well above freezing in our tiny corner of the UK.  Elswhere in the Eastern side of the country the weather has been a bit more disruptive but it only take a few flakes of snow to bring our country to a grinding halt.   Even though we regularly get snow, it always seems to come as a suprise and find the roads and most importantly, the road users totally unprepared.

The terrible winter of 2012


  1. He'd make a very nice inchie! ;)

  2. Yes, he would, snafu - you need to join us!

    The crocuses (they are, aren't they?) are very beautiful, but look like they are dying for a true snow-covering!

    Aren't you glad you don't live in Eastern Europe though?

  3. Oh boy - snowdrops they are (blame it on the cataracts!)- they are still beautiful!

  4. Our winter has been more like summer! We have only had three days of light rain since Christmas and all the other days temps have been in the seventies. I wonder what summer will be like! I envy you your snowdrops.

  5. We do tend to over-react in our country, don't we?